Undergraduate Students

Grace Heinrich


I am an undergraduate studying Engineering Mechanics at UW-Madison. I am interested in CNC manufacturing and applied mechanics, and I am currently researching how to use 3D printing to increase the fracture toughness of polymer composites. In my free time, I enjoy canoeing, hiking, and reading.

Lance Luong


I am a freshman undergraduate researcher in Mechanical Engineering. I am working on filament winding process on different cores for composite fabrication. I am currently focusing my work on finding a system for consistency between wraps and a mechanism to measure the tension to ensure uniformity. Some fun facts about me are that I am from Dallas, TX, I have a pet bunny, and I love playing tennis and piano.

Kennedy Perez


I am a junior studying Civil Engineering at UW-Madison. I am from Milwaukee, WI and I am interested in structural engineering, applied mechanics and soil foundations. I am excited to learn more about composite polymer materials and its applications. In my free time I like playing soccer, reading, and going for walks.